How did Christianity first begin? Where was Christianity originated
from? (two separate questions which came on consecutive days which I
will answer together)

Christianity began as a religion in Jerusalem, probably in the
year 29 or 30 AD. The book of Acts chapter 2 describes what most
Christians would say would be the starting point of the church and public
Christianity. During the weeks after his resurrection but before the
events on Pentecost as described in Acts chapter 2, Jesus discussed with
his disciples in detail regarding the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). Jesus
prophesied that he would give Peter the keys to the kingdom (Matthew
16:19), and from what we can see in Acts 2, Peter did indeed open up the
kingdom, the church of Jesus Christ on the earth, as this is the first
public preaching that we know of in which salvation through Jesus by
repentance and baptism was preached.

If one takes the New Testament as accurate history, then the
answer to your question is that Christianity began in Jerusalem as the
apostles–those who had been with Jesus throughout his ministry–began to
preach salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Of course, some would say that this is a fabrication. Those
who would make such a claim must show some cause not to believe what
appears to be a very straightforward historical account. It is an
historical fact that Christianity began in Jerusalem, as claimed in Acts
and as proved by reference to such non-Christian historians such as
Tacitus and Josephus. It is a fact that from the very beginning,
Christians unanimously proclaimed publicly that Jesus was a worker of
miracles and that he was raised from the dead. Tacitus and Josephus both
refer to this. External evidence tells us that Christianity began in
Jerusalem, certainly before 40 AD. Every piece of evidence we have points
to historical accuracy for Acts 2 and no evidence points against it. It
is only reasonable to conclude that Acts is an essentially accurate
depiction of events. Many of the details of persons, places and so forth
in Acts have proven that Luke was a careful historian. For more on this,
see the article (click on the title) History, Archaeology and the Bible.

In conclusion, although some skeptics may question the
conclusion, all the evidence we have available supports the belief that
the church was started by the apostles, in 29 or 30 AD, beginning in
Jerusalem–that from the very beginning they publicly proclaimed the
bodily resurrection of Jesus.

John Oakes, PhD

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