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Dr. John Oakes will be teaching a class on the Book of Isaiah for the San Diego Church of Christ and for the Bakersfield Church of Christ on five consecutive Sundays beginning Sun. 3/7 at 9:00 Pacific time on zoom at 342 225 5971 pw 857096   The class is open for all and is free.  […]

Dr. John Oakes, Dr. Gregg Marutzky and Dr. Steve Kinnard are teaching a class on the twelve “Minor Prophets” of the Old Testament Feb4,5,11,12 for the Los Angeles School of Ministry and Missions.  The notes and power point from Dr. Oakes are here, and the audio will be posted later.   The Minor Prophets LASMM    […]

John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 10:30 at   See you there. 2/21  John XVI Feed My Sheep Notes    John XVI PPT 2/17   Coming Home: One Another 1    One Another PPT […]

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Questions: 1. As a Christian, do you believe, at least one ghost video is real, and if it is why does the soul stay on earth instead of going to heaven or hell?  2. Do we have evidence for Jesus’ miracles?  3. According to the standard big bang models, is God the cause? Answer: 1. […]

Question: My question has to deal with skeptics/atheists when they claim they do not have the “burden of proof” in debates on God’s existence, origin of life, and other similar conversations. I have a hard time accepting/understanding why it’s okay to be skeptical of the Christian/theist worldview, but then say you don’t have to come […]

Question: Do we act because of our brain or because of our soul?  Are all NDE (near death experiences) unreliable?   Did Plato prove that the afterlife is real? Answer: Your first question is a good one, in my opinion.  I do not think that this is a particularly “Christian” question.  The Bible will not help […]

Dr. John Oakes is giving a series of lessons for the Lifeway Church of Christ (part of the Los Angeles Church of Christ) on two successive Wednesdays 12/2 and 12/9 on being In Christ.  These lessons come from a book titled In Christ ( Notes, power point and audio are available here:  In-Christ Notes    […]

Dr. John Oakes gave a series of 16 sermons from the Gospel of John Nov-Feb, 2020/2021 for the Bakersfield Church of Christ.  The notes, power point and audio are provided here:  John Whole Series Notes  John Whole Series PPT   John I Woman in Adultery audio    John II Meet Jesus Audio  John III Jesus in […]

Dr. John Oakes gave a lesson on the Book of Ephesians for the San Diego Church of Christ.      Ephesians Coming Home Devo Notes    Ephesians Home Devo Audio                               You May Also Like: Sermon: Ephesians 6 The Christian Armor Class...

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