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October 30 - November 05
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    Class to be offered Genesis: In The Beginning

    09:00 -11:00
    4759 Mission Gorge Place San Diego 92120
    4759 Mission Gorge Place San Diego 92120

    Dr John Oakes is teaching a class on the Book of Genesis on six consecutive Saturdays, beginning October 7.  The outline is below.

    Ch 1.   Creation                       God, the creator

    Ch 2,3 Adam and Eve                        The fall of man, the beginning of the plan of salvation.

    Ch 4   Cain and Abel              Temptation, sin, judgment and death.

    Ch. 5  Geneaology                  God’s plan to send the Messiah

    Ch 6-9 The Flood                   Judgment against sin and salvation by faith

    Ch 10  More Geneaology        God’s plan to send the Messiah

    Ch 11  The tower of Babel     God opposes the proud

    Ch 12-23    Abraham              God chooses a person through whom to send the Messiah.

    The Father of Faith.

    Ch 24-26   Isaac                      The Son of Promise

    Ch 27-35   Jacob                     The Father if Israel

    Ch 37-47  Joseph                    Favorite son and savior of Israel

    Ch 49  The Twelve Tribes     Prophecies concerning God’s people

    Ch 50  The Death of Jacob

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