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Dr. John Oakes gave a class on the Stone/Campbell movement for the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry. The SC movement is also known as the Restoration Movement, which is the historical root of the Churches of Christ, the Christian Church and the Disciples of Christ.  Notes, PPT and audio are attached.  Unfortunately, the first twelve […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a 12-hour class on Church History for campus interns in Bakersfield, California 7/24-25/2020.  Notes, power point and audio are available here:  Church History PPT  church history notes Part I  Church History Notes II  Ch Hist Audio 1  Ch Hist Audio 2  Ch Hist Audio 3 Ch Hist Audio 4    […]

John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 10:30 at   See you there. 8/9  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats  Matthew XVI PPT  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats Audio 8/2  Matthew XV Preparing to Meet […]

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Question: What is the name of God according to Exodus 6:2-3 based on the Hebrew Old Testament and the Septuagint? [Editor’s note: this is the early Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible in the late third century BC] Answer: God has many names in the Bible, as I assume you know.  He is called El, […]

Question: What did Jesus mean he said “I am the resurrection and life and those who believe in will live and those who live and believe in me will never die?  The fact is that those who believe in him are still dying.  So, what did Jesus mean?  When he said that those who follow […]

Question: I want to know about the reliability of the Bible because many of my friends who are Muslims tell me that Jesus did not die on the cross nor was he risen.  They tell me that this is not written 600 yrs later but from 2nd century or the end of 1st century itself […]

Dr. John Oakes gave a class 7/15/2020 for the Bakersfield Church of Christ on history, archaeology and the Bible.  This lesson mostly covered the Old Testament, giving strong evidence that the Old Testament is the most reliable book of ancient history we have.  History Archaeology and the Bible PPT    History Archaeology and the Bible […]

Dr. John Oakes taught a class on Christian theology. The class covered topics such as Trinity, the qualities of God, the problems of evil and suffering, theodicy, predestination, heaven and more.  The class is now completed.  Here are the notes, PPT, audio and link to the video.     God: Christian Theology PPT      God–Christian […]

John Oakes gave a series of sixteen sermons from the Book of Matthew April through August, 2020 for the Bakersfield Church of Christ.  PPT, notes and audio are included.    Matthew Sermon Whole Thing    Matthew Sermon Series Notes     Matthew The Jewish Gospel Audio    Matthew II Prepare for Ministry    Matt III Kingdom...

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