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Dr. Gary Habermas is one of the premiere apologists today.  I do not normally publish work by those I do not know personally, but in the case of his lecture on the resurrection, I am making an exception. This lecture is really great.  I strongly recommend to our EFC community to watch this lecture. In […]

Dr. John Oakes did a teaching weekend for the Anchor Point Church of Christ in Tampa, Florida.  Audio, Notes and Power Points are attached.  Who Is Jesus Tampa PPT    Jesus Evidence Tampa Audio    Shadow to Reality Notes     Shadow to Reality PPT    From Shadow to Reality Audio You May Also Like: […]

Rabbi Tovia Singer has published an anti-Christian polemic which has created doubts in some Christian believers.  Dr. John Oakes has published a review of this book.  We are attaching the document and copying and pasting below.  Review of Let’s Get Biblical Also, I want to recommend a great video by Dr. Gary Habermas on the […]

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Question: Sir,  George Athas writes in his book “Deuteronomy: One Nation under God” that Yahweh continued to send prophets to Jews even after they returned from exile. However, they were never able to reinstall a Davidic heir as king. Foreign kings ruled over the Jews at that time. This frustrated Deuteronomy’s condition that Israel’s king […]

Question: What is the meaning in Genesis 1:26 where God says, “Let us make man in our image”? My NIV study notes that “us” refers to members of His heavenly court? I was always led to believe it referred to the Trinity.  Thank you Answer: Commentators give three possible interpretations of the words “us” and […]

[Editor’s Note:  This Q & A is a follow-up to an earlier question regarding Genesis 1:30 in which the questioner proposes that before the “Fall” of Adam and Eve, both humans and animals were vegetarian.] Question: Isn’t Genesis 9:3 problematic?  God says that “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a short series on Christian Apologetics for the Houston Church of Christ.  Notes, PPT and audio will be posted here. Science and God PPT   Science and God Houston Audio    Reliability and Inspiration of the Bible PPT      Progressive Theology Notes    Progressive Theology PPT     You May […]

Dr. John Oakes and Robert Carrillo have published a book on the Book of Hebrews, Hebrews: Living By Faith.  They are teaching an eight hour class on Hebrews for the Los Angeles International Church of Christ Bible School eight consecutive Saturdays at 9:00 Pacific Time.  The class will be on zoom at  843 0420 3186  […]

Dr. John Oakes taught a 12-hour class on the history of Christianity for the West Coast School of Ministry Fall, 2022.  All outlines, Power Points and audio are available here.    Church History Notes    Church History PPT    Church History Audio I    Church History Audio II    Church History Audio III  Church History Audio […]

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