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Editor’s note: I have gotten dozens of questions from disingenuous Muslim sources recently, so I decided to publish this Q & A as an article for your consideration. Question: What would you tell someone who was having trouble figuring out which religion is the one true religion? What would you tell him if he said […]

Dr. John Oakes is giving a lecture using his book In Christ ( for churches in Worcester and Providence titled “In Christ the Veil Is Removed.” Wed. 1/25/2023 7:30 EST on zoom.  The notes, power point, and, eventually the audio are posted here.  In Christ the Veil is Removed Notes    In Christ the Veil […]

Dr. John Oakes is  now leading a new church planting in Merced, California.  Please join us 10:00 Sundays at 1195 Pinnacle Dr, Merced or on zoom at 342-225-5971 pw 857096.  We will be posting notes, PPTs and audio for all lessons in Merced.  Also, visit our website at 2/1  From Shadow to Reality IV […]

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Question: What do Isaiah 66:17 and Isaiah 65:3-4 mean?  What are these passages about?  How should we understand these passages as Christians? How would you respond to someone who says Christians shouldn’t eat pork based on these verses and that Christians will be judged by God for eating pork based on these verses?  Those who […]

Question: Book of Daniel and Zechariah (Ch. 9-14) are the product of Hellenistic era. Jesus is not prophesied in them otherwise DSS would elaborate it. What’s your response to this criticism? Harrison: These are quite simply false statements.  I assume that they are coming from a Muslim source. Muslims have a disingenuous approach to the […]

Question: What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? Who were the Qumran Community? Who were the Essenes? Answer: The Dead Sea Scrolls are hundreds of manuscripts found in about a half dozen caves in the desert hills to the west of the Dead Sea.  Some are entire documents, and others are mere fragments.  Most were on […]

Dr. John Oakes gave a lecture on God and Science at UC Merced for the Alpha Omega club Feb. 2, 2023. PPT and audio are here:  Science and the Bible PPT    God and Science Audio You May Also Like: God and Science at Bakersfield College Does science prove that miracles are real? God and […]

Dr. John Oakes did a teaching weekend for the Anchor Point Church of Christ in Tampa, Florida.  Audio, Notes and Power Points are attached.  Who Is Jesus Tampa PPT    Jesus Evidence Tampa Audio    Shadow to Reality Notes     Shadow to Reality PPT    From Shadow to Reality Audio You May Also Like: […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a short series on Christian Apologetics for the Houston Church of Christ.  Notes, PPT and audio will be posted here. Science and God PPT   Science and God Houston Audio    Reliability and Inspiration of the Bible PPT      Progressive Theology Notes    Progressive Theology PPT     You May […]

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