Dr. John Oakes is  now leading a new church planting in Merced, California.  Please join us 11:00 Sundays at 500 Buena Vista Ave., Merced or on zoom at 342-225-5971 pw 857096.  Also, join us for midweek devotional Wed. 7:30 at UC Merced Rm GLCR 120 or the same zoom. Also, visit our website at www.mercedchurch.com.

5/12  Hannah A Godly Mother Notes    Godly Mother PPT    Hanna A Godly Mother Audio

5/8  Reliability of Bible PPT    Reliability Audio    Reliability of the Bible Notes

5/5  Psalms VI Royal Psalms Notes    Psalms VI Royal Psalms PPT    Psalms VI Royal Psalms Audio

5/1  Supposed Contradictions PPT Merced    Contradictions Audio

4/28  Psalm 119 Sermon Notes    Psalms V Psalm 119 PPT    Psalms V Psalm 119 Audio

4/24  Claims and Prophecies of Jesus PPT    Claims of Jesus Audio   (sorry, first 7 minutes missing)    Claims of Jesus Audio earlier version

4/21  Psalm 51 Sermon Note    Psalms IV Clean Heart PPT    Psalms IV Psalm 51 Audio

4/17  History ArchBible Notes  History, Archaeology Bible PPT    History Archaeology and Bible Audio

4/14  Psalms III Praise Psalms Notes    Psalm III Praise Psalms PPT    Psalms III Praise Audio

4/10  Existence of God Notes     Existence of God PPT    Existence of God Audio

4/7  Psalms II Psalms of Asaph Notes    Psalms of Asaph PPT    Psalms II Psalms of Asaph Audio

4/5   Psalm 107 Devotional Notes

4/3  Lessons from David Part I Notes    Lessons from David PPT    Lessons from David Audio

3/31  Passover, Firstfruits and Jesus Notes  Passover and Jesus PPT  Passover and Jesus Audio

3/27  Devoted to Prayer Notes    Devoted to Prayer PPT    sorry, did not record this lesson.

3/24  Jesus the Light Notes    Jesus the Light PPT    Jesus/You are the Light Audio

(sermon by John Oakes at the Spring campus retreat)

3/20  2 Corinthians Notes    2nd Corinthians PPT    2 Cor Audio VII

3/17  One Thing PPT     One Thing Audio   Sermon by Malcolm Inskeep

3/13   2 Cor Audio VI

3/10  Psalm 42 Notes    Psalm 42 PPT    Psalm 42 Audio

3/6  Chariot Ride PPT    Chariot Ride Notes    Chariot Ride Audio  (first 10 minutes were lost)

3/3  Job III Notes God and Suffering    Job III PPT    Job III Audio

2/28  2 Cor Audio V

2/25  Job II Notes    Job II God and Suffering PPT    Job II Audio

2/21  2 Cor Audio IV

2/18  Job 1 Is God Good Notes    Job I PPT    Job I Audio

2/16  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up Audio    Real-Jesus-PPT    Real-Jesus Audio

2/14  2 Cor III Audio

2/11  Sermon in North County San Diego  Haggai III Notes    Haggai III PPT    Haggai III Audio

2/7  Christian Bill of Rights Notes   Freedom in Christ PPT    Freedom in Christ Audio

Matthew Sermons Whole Series Notes    Matthew Whole Series PPT

2/4  Matthew XIX Audio Death, Burial Resurrection    Matthew XIX PPT    Matthew XIX Audio

1/31  2 Cor Audio II

1/28  Matthew XVIII Notes Matt 26    Matthew XVIII PPT    Matthew XVIII Audio

1/24   2 Cor Audio I

1/21  Matthew XVII Notes Sheep and Goats    Matthew XVII PPT    Matthew XVII Audio

1/17  Philippians 1 Notes    Philippians 1 PPT     Philippians 1 Audio

1/14  Matthew XVI Ready to Meet God? Notes    Matthew XVI PPT     Matthew XVI Audio

1/7  Matthew XV Weightier Matters Notes    Matt XV PPT    Matthew XV Audio

1/3/2024  Running the Race Notes    Running the Race PPT    Run the Race Audio

12/31  Matthew XIV Coming Into the Kingdom Notes    Matthew XIV PPT    Matthew XIV Audio

12/17  O come O Come Emanuel Notes    Emanuel PPT     Emanuel Audio

12/13  ChristianFinances Notes    Christian Finances PPT    Christian Finances audio

12/10  Matthew XIII Jesus Enters Jerusalem Notes   Matt XIII PPT    Matthew XIII Audio

12/6  Knowledge and Self-Control Notes    Knowledge and Self-Control PPT    Self-Control Audio

12/3  Matthew XII Unmerciful Servant Notes    Matthew XII PPT    Matthew XII Audio

11/29 Love God With All Your Mind Notes    Knowledge PPT    Knowledge Audio

11/26  Matthew XI Audio Kingdom Relationships    Matthew XI PPT    Matthew XI Audio

11/19  Matthew X Notes Who Do You Say I Am?    Matthew X PPT    Matthew X Audio

11/15  Student Disciple Notes    Student Disciple PPT    Student Disciple Audio

11/12  Matthew IX Notes    Matthew IX PPT    Matthew IX Audio

11/8  Integrity Notes    Integrity PPT    Integrity Audio

11/5  Matt VIII Notes Harvest is Plentiful    Matthew VIII PPT    Matthew VIII Audio

11/1  Genesis IX   This completes the nine-part class on the Book of Genesis.  So, I will reattach the notes and power point.  Genesis PPT    Genesis Notes

10/29  Matthew VII Entering the Kingdom Notes    Matthew VII PPT    Matthew VII Audio

10/25  Genesis VIII Audio

10/22  Matthew VI Notes The Kingdom First    Matthew VI PPT    Matthew VI Audio

10/18  Genesis VII Audio

10/15  Deuteronomy 8 Notes   Deuteronomy 8 Advice to Disciples PPT   Deut 8 Disciples Audio

10/11  Genesis VI Audio

10/8  Matthew-V Notes Kingdom Practices     Matthew V PPT    Matthew V Audio

10/4  Genesis V Audio

10/1   Acts Ch 20 Sermon Notes  Acts Ch 20 PPT   Acts 20 Paul’s Farewell on Youtube

(note: This is the entire service. The sermon begins at minute 44 of the recording)

9/27  Genesis IV Audio

9/24  Matthew IV Life in the Kingdom Notes    Matthew IV PPT    Matthew IV Audio

9/17  Matthew III Notes Kingdom Attitudes    Matthew III PPT    Matthew III Audio

9/14  What Is Truth PPT    What Is Truth Audio

9/13  Genesis III Audio

9/10  Matthew-II Prepare for Ministry Audio    Matthew II PPT    Matthew II Audio

9/6  Genesis II Audio

9/3  Matthew I The Jewish Gospel Notes    Matthew I PPT   Matthew I Audio

9/1 (in Fresno)  Who is Jesus PPT    Who Is Jesus Audio

8/30  Genesis Notes    Genesis PPT    Genesis I Audio

All 10 RRRR lessons:  RRRR I-X PPT Part I    RRRR I-X PPT Part II    RRRR I-X Notes

8/27  RRRR X Malachi Faith vs Faithful Notes    RRRR X Malachi PPT     RRRR X Malachi Audio

8/23  Vision Devotional UC Merced

8/20  RRRR IX Nehemiah Notes    RRRR IX PPT    RRRR IX Nehemiah Audio

8/16  Studying the Bible With Friends II Audio

8/13  Acts 20 Sermon Audio

8/6  RRRR VIII Ezra Part II Notes   RRRR VIII Ezra II PPT A Teacher Builds    RRRRVIII Audio

8/2  Studying Bible W/ Friends Notes    Bible Studies W/ Friends PPT    Studying With Friends Audio I

7/26  Purity Devotional Notes    Purity PPT    Purity Audio

7/23  RRRR VII Esther Notes     RRRR VII Esther PPT    RRRR VII Esther Audio

7/16  RRRR VI Zechariah-III-On-That-Day Notes     RRRR VI Zechariah-III-PPT    RRRR VI Audio

7/9  RRRR V Zechariah-II-Notes    RRRR V Zechariah-II-PPT    RRRR V Audio

7/5  Eph I One In Him Audio

7/2  RRRR IV Zechariah I notes    Zechariah-I-The-Messiah-Is-Coming PPT    RRRR IV Audio

6/25  RRRR III Notes Haggai  RRRR III PPT    RRRR III Audio

6/18  RRRR 2 Notes Ezra and Cyrus    RRRR 2 PPT     RRRR II Audio

6/11  Repent Return Restore Rebuild I Notes   RRRR I PPT    RRRR I Audio

6/7  Romans IX Audio   Romans X Audio  Updated PPT and notes:   Romans PPT    Romans Notes

6/4  Mark VII Notes Last Seder  Mark VII PPT    Mark VII Audio

5/31  Romans Audio VIII

5/28  Mark VI Notes    Mark VI PPT    Mark VI Audio

5/24 Romans Audio VII

5/21  Mark V Notes Discipleship    Mark V PPT    Mark V Audio Jesus and Discipleship

5/17  Romans Audio VI Biblical Predestination

5/14  Mark IV Mercy Not Sacrifice Notes    Mark IV PPT    Mark IV Audio

5/10  Romans Audio V

5/7  Mark III Notes Miracles of Jesus    Mark III PPT    Mark III Audio

5/3   Romans Audio IV

4/30  Mark II Notes Kingdom Parables    Mark II PPT    Mark IIa Audio    Mark IIb Audio

4/23  Mark I Notes The Call to Discipleship    Mark I PPT    Mark Audio I

4/19  Romans Audio III

4/16  Ezekiel VII Notes Gog and Magog    Ezekiel VII PPT    Ezekiel VII Audio

4/12  Romans Audio II

4/9  Resurrection Power Notes  Resurrection Power PPT    Resurrection Power Audio

4/5  Romans Notes    Romans PPT    Romans Audio I

4/2  Ezekiel VI Dry Bones Notes  Ezekiel VI PPT    Ezekiel VI Valley of Dry Bones Audio

3/26  Ezekiel V God’s Remnant Notes  Ezekiel V PPT    Ezekiel V God’s Remnant Audio

3/25  Esther and Purim: God Saves Israel Notes    Purim PPT

3/22&29  Baptism Class Notes    Baptism-In Christ PPT  Baptism Audio I   Baptism Audio II

3/19  Ezekiel IV End of the Road Notes    Ezekiel IV PPT   Ezekiel IV Audio End of the Road

3/15  FSTR VII Audio   This completes the series.

3/12  Ezekiel III God’s Justice Notes    Ezekiel III PPT    Ezekiel III God’s Justice audio

3/8  FSTR Mer VI Audio

2/12  Ezekiel II Dramatic Symbolism Notes    Ezekiel II PPT    Ezek II Audio

2/8  From Shadow to Reality V

2/5  Ezekiel I Notes God Calls a Prophet    Ezekiel 1 PPT    Ezek I Audio

2/1  From Shadow to Reality IV

1/29  Hebrews 12 Mountain of the Lord    Hebrews 12 PPT    Heb The Mountain Audio

1/25  From Shadow to Reality III

1/22  Heb 10 & 12 Final Admonitions Notes    Hebrews 10 & 12 PPT    Hebrews 10 & 12 Final Audio

1/18 Shadow to Reality Notes   Shadow to Reality PPT Shadow to Reality Audio 1   
Shadow to Reality II  (note: I did not record the talk. This is an older version of the same.

1/15  Hebrews 11 LivingBy Faith Notes  Hebrews 11 PPT    Hebrews 11 Audio

1/8  Hebrews 9 A Better Sacrifice Notes    Hebrews 9 Sermon PPT    Hebrews 9 A Better Sacrifice

1/1/2023  I Press On Philippians 3 Notes    I Press On PPT    Press On Phil 3 Audio

12/18  Jesus Immanuel Notes    Jesus-Immanuel PPT    Jesus Immanuel Audio

12/11  Hebrews 8 The Main Point Notes  Hebrews 8 PPT    Hebrews The Main Point Audio

12/7  Daniel Audio IV

12/4  Melchizedek Who is He PPT  Hebrews 7 Melchizedek Who is He Notes  (no audio)

11/30 Daniel Audio III

11/27  Hebrews V Warning and Assurance notes    Hebrews V PPT    Hebrews Mer V

11/20  Hebrews IV Jesus High Priest Notes    Heb IV PPT    Hebrews IV Audio

11/15  Daniel Audio II

11/13  Hebrews sermon III PPT  Hebrews III Make Every Effort Notes    Hebrews III Audio

11/8  Midweek series: Daniel  Daniel PPT    Daniel Notes    Daniel Audio I

11/6  Let’s Stay Together Marriage Retreat Notes  Lets Stay Together Audio  Stay Together PPT

11/2  One Another III

10/30  Hebrews Sermon II Audio    Hebrews Sermon PPT    Hebrews Sermon II Notes

10/26  One another PPT II    One Another Audio II

10/23  Hebrews Ch 1 Notes    Hebrews Ch 1 Sermon PPT    Hebrews I Audio

10/19  One Another Audio I  One another #1 PPT

10/16  Rescued In Him From Lies to Truth Notes    In Christ Lies to Truth Audio

10/12  Real Jesus Audio II

10/9  In Christ Audio V    In Christ PPT    In-Christ-Sermon Notes

10/5   Will-the-Real-Jesus-Please-Stand-Up Notes      Real Jesus PPT    Real Jesus Audio I

10/2  In Christ Audio IV     In-Christ-Sermon Notes

9/28  James Audio IV

9/25  In Christ III

9/22  Problem Pain Suff Notes    Problem Pain Suffering PPT     Problem of Pain and Suffering Audio

9/18  In Christ Audio II

9/14  James Audio III

9/11   In Christ Audio I

9/7   James Audio II

9/4    Kingdom of God Notes    Kingdom of God ppt    Kingdom of God Audio III

8/31  James Notes    James PPT    James Audio I

8/28  Kingdom of God Audio II

8/21  Kingdom of God Audio I

7/24  Col 2 Sermon Christ vs World Notes   Col 2 PPT    Col 2 Jesus vs World Audio

7/17  Acts Sermon IV The Model Church Notes  Acts IV Model Church PPT  Acts IV Model Church Audio

7/3  Acts III Holy Spirit Sounds the Starting Gun Notes  Acts III Starting Gun PPT

6/26  Acts II Acts Ch 20 Sermon Notes  Acts II Acts 20 PPT    Acts 20 Paul’s Farewell Audio

6/19  Malachi Faith or Faithful Notes   Malachi Faith or Faithful PPT     Malachi Faith or Faithful Audio

6/5/22  Acts 1 Jesus’ Ministry/Our Ministry PPT    Acts 1 Jesus’ Mission Notes    Acts 1 Jesus’ Mission Audio
























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