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Dr. John Oakes is giving a three week, six-hour class on the History of Christianity, both in-person and on-line on three consecutive Saturdays, beginning Jan. 29 at 9:00 Pacific Standard Time. He recently completed the fourth and final volume of his series on Church History, which is a good time to be teaching this mini-class.  […]

John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 1:00 at 1/13  You can trust and understand the Bible Notes     Trust and understand PPT    Trust and Understand Bible Audio 1/9/  Ps 119 All […]

Dr, John Oakes has a new book, just published by Illumination Publishers.  The title is Speaking of God. It is now available at The book is a how-to on leading group Bible studies, as well as seventy ready-to-go group Bible study outlines.  It is available today.  Tell a friend. You May Also Like: “In […]

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Question: I’ve written questions to you before about Jeremiah. I’m now studying Daniel and have found questions regarding the language.  Daniel is written in Aramaic and Hebrew. There are different arguments about the Aramaic. Some say it is quite young – 300BC and later. Others claim it is much older. The Hebrew I think is […]

Question: Why do writers of the Bible blend God’s words i.e. “thus says the Lord” with human words such as speeches and human histories? Answer: A good question.  The Bible has several different genres of literature, depending on what God is trying to accomplish.  Sometimes he wants to simply speak to us directly.  Then he […]

Questions: 1. How do you respond to the argument that even Christianity is ultimately deed-based? In other words, even if we believed Jesus Christ, got baptized, a believer must keep his moral character and should maintain the discipline in order to inherit the eternal life in heaven. Even if someone believed in Jesus Christ and […]

Dr. John Oakes gave a series of three sermons from the Book of Job for the Bakersfield Church of Christ December, 2021.  Notes, PPT and audio are included.  Job: The Problem of Suffering I Notes    Job and Suffering I PPT    Job Suffering I Audio    Job and Suffering II Notes    Job and Suffering […]

Dr. John Oakes is doing a five-part class on the Book of Daniel for students in Bakersfield, CA in January and February.  Notes, PPT and audio are included.  Daniel Notes    Daniel PPT    Daniel Audio 1                                   You […]

Dr. John Oakes is giving a series of sermons from the Book of Psalms in Bakersfield Nov. 2021 to Feb 2022.  Psalm 51 A Clean Heart Notes  Psalm 51 PPT     Ps 51 Clean Heart Audio    Psalms of Asaph    Psalms of Asaph PPT   Psalms 73 74 Audio    Psalm 42 All In […]

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