Dr. John Oakes’ new book In Christ has just been published by Illumination Publishers.  It is available at www.ipibooks.com  The book is about the blessings that come with life in Christ.  A few of the chapters are: You Were Outside of Christ You Came Into Christ You Have Been Reconciled With Christ You Are a […]

Dr. John Oakes is giving a series of three lessons on the general topic of who is Jesus for the Metro Region of the Los  Angeles International Church of Christ.  Notes, PPT and audio are included.  The first lesson, “Who is Jesus?” is about the claims of Jesus versus other world religious leaders and the […]

John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ, so we will be posting all of his sermons here. 2/23  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up PPT  Real Jesus Notes    Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up Audio 2/16  Mark Sermon IV Miracles Notes    Mark Sermon IV PPT    […]

Question: What is your comment on the Ussher chronology?   He concluded that Adam was created in 4004 BC, and the flood covered the Earth 2348 BC, but this is incompatible with what we know about Egyptian history. The first king of Egypt, Menes died in 3150 BC (before the flood by 800 years!!!!)  Can the […]

Question:  Gen 3:22  …the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…   It is confusing to me.  How does God ‘know good & evil’? Answer; Let me be honest. I am not EXACTLY sure what the Lord meant when he described himself as “knowing good and evil.”  Let me give you […]

Question: In your understanding of the scriptures, what is the mark of Cain as described in Genesis 4? Jude 1:11 talks about the “way of Cain” which could indicate a possibility of it being a figurative mark…but maybe not? Answer: The answer is that I do not know what the mark of Cain is.  Genesis […]

John Oakes is teaching a class on Hermeneutics in Bakersfield, California in February. This class focuses on the means to best interpret and understand the Bible.  Classes are at 9:00 at 3010 Amber Canyon Place, Bakersfield (except 2/8 at 1:30). Notes, power point and audio are included.  Hermeneutics Notes    Hermeneutics PPT    Hermeneutics Audio […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching an Old Testament Survey class in Bakersfield the next few weeks.  PPT, Notes and audio are attached.    Old-Testament-Survey-PPT    OT-Survey-Notes    OT Survey I   OT Survey II                                         You May […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a 16 hour class together with Glenn Giles for the Los Angeles School of Ministry and Mission 9/13-14/2019.  Because I am sharing the class with Glenn, this material does not cover the entire book.  The notes, however, do cover the entire book.    Old Testament Allusions and Foreshadows of Revelation  […]