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Missionary Teaching Trip to Dominican Republic and Haiti        I Am now in Haiti. See below Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 8/7-8/11 This is only my second teaching trip to the Caribbean, and my first visit to either country. It is also my first overseas teaching venture in just under two and a half […]

Dr. John Oakes is traveling for eleven days in the Caribbean, teaching for churches in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Lessons, including notes, PPT and audio will be made available here.  The first five audios are in English and Spanish Worldview PPT    World View Notes  World View Spanish/English Audio    Cosmovision Cristian PPT Reliability of […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching several classes at a discipleship conference in Orlando.  We will be posting the audio immediately after the classes are offered.   After this, he will be in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and will be posting classes.  Here is the schedule: Monday 8/1 9:30 AM  King Jesus, Human Philosophies, Traditions and […]

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Question: Please can you clarify about speaking in tongues. Some say it is just fake and is not inspired by the Holy Spirit or by God. If the speaking in tongues is genuine, why do only certain people seem to have this and in most cases there is no interpretation of what is being said, […]

Note: This is a rather long question with a relatively short answer. Question: Recently I found some interesting claims about the Gospel of John.  These are quotations of the Muslim critic Misha’al Al-Kadhi and his references to Christian scholars, that should bring doubt about the Gospel of John:  1. “Even at that, it is recognized […]

Question: In what sense, if any, ought I to love myself? The way that our culture defines “self-love” is unbiblical and worldly. And many verses in the Bible make me hesitant to believe that there is anything inherently lovable in me. (“There is none who do good, no not one.”) Nowhere in the Bible can […]

John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 1:00 at 1 Thess 2 Paul’s Ministry Notes Combined Acts Sermons I – VI    Acts Combined Sermons I – VI Notes    Acts Combined Sermons […]

Dr. John Oakes is doing a series of two classes on evidence for the reliability of the Bible for “The Temple Project,” an on-line program of the Boston Church of Christ March 19 and 26.  The first class is on the reliability of the New and Old Testament texts and on the historical accuracy of […]

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a 14-hour New Testament Survey class for the Southwest Ministry Training Program.  The first class will be Fri/Sat 2/18-19 at the Orange County building of the Los Angeles International Church of Christ. 10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA.  I will be posting notes, PPT and audio.    NT Survey Syllabus    New […]

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