What is your take on Saturday being the Christian Sabbath, as taught by some Christian churches?


Two things are true, which is that Saturday (actually, Friday sundown until Saturday sundown) is the Jewish Sabbath. The command for its celebration is found as one of the ten commandments (Deuteronomy 5:12).   It is also true that some Christian believers teach and practice the Jewish Sabbath as if it were a required part of Christianity.
However, this is unambiguously a false teaching.  The biblical teaching is very clear.  Sabbath-keeping is not taught to Christians in the New Testament.  Neither was it practiced by non-Jewish Christians in the book of Acts or in the early centuries of Christianity.  In Colossians 2:17 Paul tells Christians to not judge anyone with regard to a Sabbath.  In other words, if Christians choose to observe a Sabbath, this is not unlawful, but commanding it of all Christians is.  At the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15), the apostles and other leaders of the church in Jerusalem gave specific commands to the Gentile churches, but, of course, Sabbath-keeping is not one of those commands.  Paul gave very adamant instructions against seeking salvation through law-keeping, especially in Galatians. Galatians 3:10 says that “All those who rely on works of the law will be cursed.”  Again, practicing Sabbath as a personal devotional is not unchristian, but teaching the requirement of practicing the Jewish law for salvation is unbiblical.
John Oakes

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