We are excited to announce our seventh annual International Christian Evidence Conference:  Christianity and Culture.  The conference will be in San Diego June 14-16.  Teachers will include Guy Hammond, Dr. John Oakes, Dr. Dyron Daughrity, Joey Harris, Kedron Jones, Robert Carrillo, Todd Spath, Jennifer Konzen and Dan Conder.  We will be examining the relationship between Christianity and human culture, ethics, politics, race, warfare and much more.  All classes will be at San Diego State University or at the Mission Center of Hope, both of which are easily accessible by trolley from the hotel.  We will be making available a group rate for housing at the conference.

***FOR ALL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES, PLEASE COMPLETE THE POST-CONFERENCE SURVEY.  Your input will be greatly appreciated as your insights will be very valuable to us as it will inform us in how we can improve future Conferences.  The following is the link to the POST-CONFERENCE SURVEY:

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For more information, contact Jan Oakes at 858-505-8841 or joakes01@san.rr.com.


2013 International Christian Evidence Conference
Christianity and Culture
June 14-16 San Diego, California

We are excited to announce registration is open for our seventh annual International Christian Evidence Conference.  The theme of the conference this year is Christianity and Culture.  We want to ask and to suggest answers to the questions where Christian life and teaching interacts with the broader culture.

The conference this year is at San Diego State University in San Diego California.  The dates are Friday-Sunday June 14-16.  The cost for registration is $70 for the entire conference or $40 for those who can only come on Saturday.  The Saturday night banquet will be $12.

Dr. Dyron Daughrity  Pepperdine University Malibu, California
Guy Hammond  Evangelist  Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dr. John Oakes  Grossmont College, President ARS
Robert Carrillo  Evangelist, San Diego
Dan Conder Board Member, ARS
Kedron Jones Board Member, ARS

“Beyond Theoretical Rhetoric and Political Battles: The Church’s Response to Homosexuality.”
“The Moral Question of Abortion.”
“Christianity, War and Pacifism”
“Responding to Postmodernism and Relativism”
“Christianity and Bioethics”
“The Intolerance of Tolerance”
“A History of Christianity and Culture”
“The Myths and Realities of Same-Sex Attractions”
“Christianity and Race”

Politics and Christianity,
Stem Cell Research, In Vitro Fertilization, etc.
Mental Health and Christianity
Environmentalism and Christianity
Sin and Genetics
Christian Response to Addiction

For biographies of the conferences speakers, please Read More below:


SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES: 2013 Christianity & Culture Conference

Dr. Dyron Daughrity
Dyron B. Daughrity (Ph.D., University of Calgary) is Associate Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He teaches courses in comparative religion, history of Christianity, and world Christianity. He is the author of three books, including “The Changing World of Christianity: The Global History of a Borderless Religion,” and many other works.  He is General Editor for “Understanding World Christianity,” a forthcoming book series and blog initiative with Fortress Press.  He lectures and researches internationally, specializing in the intersection of religion and culture.  He has consulted for Fox News, NBC News, CNN, National Public Radio, The History Channel, and Inside Higher Ed.

Robert Carillo
Robert Carillo currently serves as evangelist with the San Diego Church of Christ.  He has also served in the same role in Kingston, Jamaica, and New York City.  Robert graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in history, and is currently pursuing a masters at Pepperdine University.

Guy Hammond
Through the Strength in Weakness Ministries that he founded, Guy Hammond has spoken and taught extensively on the issues of homosexuality to audiences all across North America.  As one who personally shares in a journey of those who desire to find “strength in weakness,” he currently trains Christian leaders to work compassionately with those who are same gender attracted.  Guy has also been an Evangelist for a number of Church of Christ congregations across Canada, and now currently serves in that capacity in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

Dr. John Oakes
Dr. John Oakes serves as President of the Apologetics Research Society and is a professor of chemistry at Grossmont College.  Dr. Oakes earned his Ph. D. in chemical physics from the University of Colorado and has published numerous books including Is There a God? and Reasons for Belief: A Handbook of Christian Evidence.


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