A Muslim gave me this. What are your thoughts? The similitude of Jesus pbuh is of Adam pbuh. Even Adam pbuh had no mother nor father. If following your logic, then Prophet Adam would be a greater God because he came into existance with no father nor mother. You see for God( The Father) to create sumthing he merely says " Be" & the thing comes into being.


There is a grain of truth in what this Muslim teacher says. The fact is that there is symbolic similarity between Jesus and Adam. Paul points this out in Romans 5:12-19. Like Paul says, death came into the world through the first Adam and life comes into the world through Jesus. Adam was created and Jesus was not. Jesus said "Before Abraham was born, I AM." (John 8:58) Jesus claimed to be eternal. He was not created. Jesus created Adam (Colossians 1:16). Neither did he sin, whereas Adam clearly sinned. In fact, he and Eve brought sin into the world. The very idea that Adam would be greater than Jesus is really quite absurd. According to what biblical principle is it that the fact that Adam had no parents this would make him greater than Jesus? Does this person believe that Adam was greater than Muhammad? Muhammad had parents. Of course not. This person does not even believe his own logic!!! John Oakes

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