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Why do you believe what you believe? Why should others believe it too? Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer both questions with the same answer? With his new book, Basis for Belief, ARS boardmember Brian Colon will teach you how to think critically about your faith, provide reasons for why you believe in God, and show non-believers why they should do the same. 


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Brian Colon has published a wonderful book in which he puts a number of the classical arguments for the existence of God in simple terms, using fresh and very interesting examples.  This will be a very good addition to your library.  It will be particularly helpful in responding to the New Atheists and to the uninformed skepticism which is becoming more and more common in our culture.  I strongly recommend this book to all who are interested in defending faith in the Christian God. You can read the first chapter of the book below.

Dr. John Oakes

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