A FAITH-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY: ARCHAEOLOGY & THE BIBLE  A class to be taught by John Oakes for an AIM program class Archaeolgy and the Bible in Marietta, Georgia July 10-12.  See below for details.


Last year’s Continuing-AIM (C-AIM) session with David Bercot was a hit.  Thanks for your interest and for the great attendance! This email is a reminder about the 2009 C-AIM event.

Archaeology and the Bible will be offered 10-12 July.  We think this could be a great event for strengthening campus students’ faith – and others’!  Teaching in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago (evidences), I was reminded once more of the tremendous potential for faith-building apologetics classes. This would also be a good opportunity for seekers and even skeptics.

John Wilson, our guest speaker, is a university professor (Pepperdine) and professional archaeologist. John Oakes is a university professor in Chemistry & Physics, and travels worldwide teaching on  apologetics. Foster Stanback has an excellent class on OT archaeology. He taught it at the teachers’ seminar in Egypt (last July). In addition, Joey Harris and I will co-teach a class on biblical archaeology. Lots of colorful pictures, and tips for how to share the facts in evangelism. A highlight of the conference will be the visit to Emory University’s excellent museum.

The seminar is $10/day, or $25 for the entire weekend. The price includes the ($5.50) Emory University visit, as well as drinks & snacks.  Come to part or all of the weekend. BTW, the weekend will be filmed, producing a DVD set (just as we did last year).

What is the topic? ARCHAEOLOGY & THE BIBLE
Who is sponsoring it?  A.I.M.  This is a our annual C-AIM event.
When is the event? The second weekend in July (10th-12th)

Where will it take place?  Almost all AIM events take place at the North River Church of Christ,  320 Austin Avenue, Marietta.

Who will benefit? Anyone who seeks more evidence for biblical faith. Esp. helpful for students.

What does it cost?: $25 for the whole weekend, or $10/day.

How do we sign up? Just send an email to let us know you are coming. dj@douglasjacoby.com

The rough schedule:

Friday evening 10 July

7:00-7:30         Reception (drinks/snacks)

7:30-7:45         Intro: “Why Archaeology is Important” – Douglas Jacoby

7:45-8:45         “The World of Archaeology” – John Wilson

9:00                 Closing prayer

Saturday 11 July

9:00-9:30         Reception

9:30-10:30      “Evidence for the Exodus” – Foster Stanback

10:45-11:45    “Archaeology in Evangelism” – John Oakes

12:00-1:00      “Excavating the Holy Land” – John Wilson

2:30-3:30        “Archaeological Highlights O.T. and N.T.” – Douglas Jacoby/Joey Harris

3:45-5:00         Question time / Panel discussion

Sunday 12 July

8:30-9:30         “Digging Deeper” – John Wilson

10:00-11:30     Worship with North River Church of Christ

2:00-3:00         Special visit: Emory University Museum

Dr. Douglas A. Jacoby


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