Dr. John Oakes, along with his very good friends and colleagues, Dan Conder and Kedron Jones are teaching a series of three classes on Sat. 11/7, 11/14 and 11/21 at 9:00 Pacific Standard Time on answering the hard questions.   Here is the link to register for the class:   https://event.webinarjam.com/register/37/8rr9qan5

Topics include Why is there suffering and evil?  How does predestination work?  What about all those “contradictions” in the Bible? If God is love, why is there hell?  How do I make sense of the trinity?  The class will include lecture, podcast-style discussion and open question and answer.  Here is the power point for the first class last Saturday:  Hard Questions

Here are the links to view the first two classes on youtube:  Answering the Hard Questions I   https://youtu.be/mFXEbd7rPVw

Answering the Hard Questions II   https://youtu.be/qqjIgmE6cQQ

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