1) Are Christians supposed to love everyone?   Are Christians supposed to love the following:  a) false prophets in general  b) the false prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation c) the antichrist mentioned in the book of Revelation d) Satan   2) Does God love (or hate) a) false prophets b) the false prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation c) the antichrist mentioned in the book of Revelation d) Satan?


The Bible is clear.  We are to love all people to the extent that we can.  Jesus said to love our neighbor. He also said to love our enemies.  (Matthew 5:43-47)  Jesus tells us that if we only love those who love us, that does not lead to a reward, because even the pagans do that. (same Matthew verse).  In Romans 12:14-20 Paul gives a similar message.  We must love, not hate or curse.  When our enemies persecute us or otherwise treat us badly, we are to love them and in the process “heap burning coals on his head.”  In other words, our love can win them over, not our hatred or acts of revenge.  So, yes, we are to love everyone.
Yes, we are to love false prophets and even the antichrist, if we happen to meet him.  This does not mean that we approve of what they say or do.  It also does not mean that we do not realize that God may judge them.  But, like Paul said, we need to leave vengeance to God, not to ourselves (Romans 12:19).  We can hate the false prophecy.  We can hate the terrible things that rapists and adulterers and liars and religious hypocrites do, but we need to love them.
Let me illustrate it this way.  I have three children. I will love them, no matter what they do.  I can disapprove of what they do.  Is some cases, I can discipline them for their sinful behavior if they are young, or I can even cut them off from being with them if their behavior becomes dangerous to the rest of my family, but I will never stop loving them.  This is how God feels, even about Judas and Pharaoh and, I assume, even about an antichrist.  He may hate the things that they do, but he does not hate the person.  I have heard it said, “hate the sin, love the sinner.”  This is a bit simplistic in my opinion.  It is not clear that we can do both at the same time.  I say love the sinner and love the sinner (and, by the way, do whatever you can to help them to stop sinning).
I believe that God even loves Satan, fallen angel that he is, because God created Satan.  Because of his justice, he will send Satan to the fiery lake of burning sulphur, which is the second death, but he will do this with great sadness, as he loves all of those he has created, including Satan.
John Oakes

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