1. As a Christian, do you believe, at least one ghost video is real, and if it is why does the soul stay on earth instead of going to heaven or hell?  2. Do we have evidence for Jesus’ miracles?  3. According to the standard big bang models, is God the cause?


1. I know of absolutely no scientific evidence that ghosts are real. (I define a ghost as an incorporeal spirit that stays present on the earth after a person has died).  I know of no biblical evidence that ghosts are real either.  I do not believe in ghosts.  I am open to being presented real evidence that they are real, but it is my opinion that there is no reproducible evidence for ghosts.  All such “evidence” is at best anecdotal, and this kind of evidence does not convince me at this point. I am open to being convinced. I am willing to keep an open mind, but at this point, I believe that most likely there are no ghosts.  Because I do not believe in ghosts, I do not feel the need to answer the second half of your question as the question is moot.

2.  Yes, we do have real evidence that Jesus worked miracles.  Please consider getting a copy of my book Reasons for Belief (available at  Also, you can find some good information if you do a search at the web site using the term evidence for Jesus.  Here is one I found and there are many more at the site.    The evidence for Jesus’ miracles are the eye-witness accounts, the fact that these miracles were done in the open and in front of unbelievers and were apparently a matter of common knowledge is another evidence of their reality. The fact that even the Jews acknowledged in the Babylonian Talmud that Jesus worked miracles and Josephus acknowledged at least the claim also support the conclusion that the miracles were real.

3.  The standard big bang model is a model for what happened, not for why it happened or what caused it.  Because it only tells us what happened and not cause or reason for the creation event happening, it does not include God being involved.   The standard big bang model is something that both atheists and believers can embrace, as it involves a description of what happened consistent with the evidence we have at hand.

Now, I believe that the big bang itself is VERY good evidence for the existence of God.  What caused this creation event?  What principle of the universe causes such creation events?  Why did this creation event happen?  These questions are best answered, in my opinion, by invoking a supernatural cause for the creation event.  Remember, however, that such a supernatural cause is, by definition, not a scientific cause, and therefore, the cause is not part of the model.

John Oakes

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