Can we infer from Acts 18: 24-26 that Apollos did what was required to be saved? Did he undergo baptism in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins?


If we take Acts 18:24-26 together with Acts 19:1-5 together, then we can reasonably infer that Apollos was baptized into Christ in the event described in Acts 18:24-26.  Apollos clearly already believed in Jesus and he showed every evidence of already having repented, so I infer that what Pricilla and Aquila taught him "more accurately" was about baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, rather than the baptism of John.  The parallel between Acts 18 and Acts 19 is too strong for me to be able to conclude anything differently.   Of course, it is quite possible that the more accurate teaching that Pricilla and Aquila shared with Apollos included more than the jusst teaching on baptism, but to infer anything in addition the to correct teaching on baptism would require some speculation.

John Oakes

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