What i’m looking for is any info. to debunk “Ring of Power” outside of the scriptures. They say Abraham is Amenemhet 1st. and Moses is Thutmoses 3rd and Jacob is Jakububher(1655 to 1646 B.C.) and King David is really Psusemes(1039 to 911B.C.) and King Solomon is really the son of Psusemes (Simion?).  They say the Hebrews in The Scriptures are really Egyptian and The Scriptures are a cover-up. I know some of the dates don’t match ie. Jacob/Jakububher (etc), John please help me debunk this.  


Logically, those who make these claims are the ones who must prove that they are true. The burden of proof is always with one who makes a claim, especially a novel one such as this. Their problem, as I see it,  is lack of evidence. If a person claims to have the secret of life, it is not my job to refute the claim. It is his job to prove the truth of the claim. If a person claims that they saw a five-legged cow, it is not my job to disprove the claim. The one making the claim is required to show evidence and reason to support the claim.

This is clearly the case with the claim that Abraham is Amenemhet that Moses is Thutmoses 3rd that Jacob is Jakububher that David is Psusemes or that Solomon is Psusemes. What is the evidence? Until you see the supposed evidence supporting the claim then you are perfectly justified dismissing the claim as utter nonsense.  When I look at thier material, it seems their strongest “evidence” is that the biblical figures lived at about the same time as these Egyptian figures.  Well, a lot of people lived then.   I live at the same time as President Obama and I am not President Obama.

Because you have not presented to me their supposed evidence, it is really hard for me to refute an unsubstantiated claim.  For example, the person you have heard from claims that the Hebrews are really Egyptian. OK. What is the evidence? How, then, does this person explain that Hebrew is a Semitic language—more similar to Arabic or Syriac than Egyptian? How do they explain that the Hebrew scripture was never translated or recorded in the ancient Egyptian language if this was the original language of the Jews?

Jacob probably lived approximately 1800 BC, based on the most common biblical chronology, which accepts just before 1400 BC as the date of the exodus. However, the fact is that we do not have solid evidence for the exact dates of the lifetime of Joseph. Some place the exodus early in the 1200’s BC, which would put Jacob’s life fairly close to the supposed dates of Jakububher. Bottom line, you cannot disprove this claim based on the dates alone. What you can do is look at the biblical Jacob. The only solid account we have of him is in the Bible. What do we learn about Jacob? We learn that his ancestors were from Mesopotamia, not Egypt. His language derives from Mesopotamian, not Egyptian roots. He worshipped Jehovah, not any Egyptian god. This person better have some really compelling evidence that Jacob was Jakububher. My guess is that she/he has no such evidence. Unless and until you are presented with such evidence, you are safe to dismiss it as sheer speculation with no support. Please do not be disturbed by unsupported claims such as these.

This person says the Scriptures are a cover-up. This is a meaningless claim. Unless this claim is illustrated by giving an example, it is simply rhetoric with absolutely no truth value at all. You should not be intimidated by empty rhetoric.

I spent a little time looking into the “Ring of Power” idea. This is the poorest possible quality material. This is grade D conspiracy theory stuff. When I looked, the only evidence they had that Abraham was a Pharaoh was this: “One of those drawings was interpreted by Mormon Joseph Smith and his Egyptologists as Abraham sitting on the Pharaoh’s throne. Abraham’s name was also deciphered on a roll of papyrus.”

Wow! Are we to accept this as evidence that Abraham was a Pharaoh? Are you aware that Joseph’s claim to have translated the supposed “Book of Abraham” had been completely debunked? I discuss this in my recently published book on Mormonism “Mormonism: What do the Evidence and the Testimony Reveal” You can get a copy at Using the highly questionable testimony of the religious fraud Joseph Smith as evidence that Abraham was a Pharaoh tells me that the person making this claim has minimal interest in the truth of the claim. No serious person would use Smith’s claims as evidence about the truth about Egyptian history. You may safely dismiss this unsubstantiated claim and move on to other realms of ideas.

My suggestion is that you spend some time training yourself to be more skeptical about unsubstantiated claims. Look at the source of the claim. Does this person have any credentials? What are they? Look at the evidence. Where is it coming from? Does the evidence support the conclusion? Is what you are reading mere rhetoric, or is in backed by reasonable argument? Might there be a more reasonable interpretation? Some people would like us to think that all arguments are equally good. This is certainly not the case. This “Ring of Power” is junk scholarship and should be treated as such.

John Oakes

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