Dr. John Oakes, Dr. Gregg Marutzky and Dr. Steve Kinnard are teaching a class on the twelve “Minor Prophets” of the Old Testament Feb4,5,11,12 for the Los Angeles School of Ministry and Missions.  The notes and power point and audio from Dr. Oakes are here.   The Minor Prophets Notes LASMM    Minor Prophets LASMM PPT   Minor Prophets Audio 1  Minor Prophets Audio 2                      Min Proph Audio 3    Minor Prophets 4 Audio    Minor Prophets 5 Audio    Minor Prophets 6 Audio

Gregg’s power points:   Amos- The Righteousness of God- LASMM    Habakkuk – Doubts & Questions- LASMM    Hosea- Unconditional Love of God- LASMM    Joel- The Day of the Lord- LASMM    Nahum- Justice of God- LASMM  Zephaniah – Revival- LASMM    Haggai – House of God- LASMM    Jonah- Reluctant Missionary- LASMM    Malachi – Questioning God- LASMM  Micah- Justice- LASMM    Obadiah- Pride & Prejudice- LASMM   Zechariah – Vision- LASMM

















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