Some Muslims believe that soon everyone in the world will be Islamic, and
this will be started by the return of the perfect one who they regard to
be Jesus. Could this supposed Jesus be one of the anti-Christs, who we
are warned of repeatedly in the Bible? I was also thinking that maybe
this could indicate the millenium in which the Devil will rule the Earth
as described in Revelations. What do you think of this?

We are not “warned repeatedly” about antichrists in the Bible. In fact,
in view of all the coverage on Christian radio and in much popular
Christian teaching, you may be surprised to know that the antichrist is
only mentioned in the Bible in 1st and 2nd John. The “antichrist” is
mentioned in 1 John 2:18, 22 and 4:3 as well as 2 John 1:7. The thrust of
these passages are that many “antichrists” have come. In the context of
this book, John defines an antichrist as a person who claims to believe,
yet who denies the true nature of Jesus Christ. I would say that if the
islamic understanding of the mahdi (an islamic word for the messiah-like
figure) were to come to pass as you describe, one could legitimately
call this figure an antichrist. It is my opinion that this is a false
hope. I do not believe that the entire earth will be converted to Islam.
However, if an islamic person were to claim to be Christ returned, then
that person could be accurately called an “antichrist” by the definition
in 1st John.

Having said that, it is very speculative to ask what would be the
implications of an event which almost certainly will never happen! I
cannot imagine what this might have to do with the millenium described in
Revelation 20. I can think of no conceivable way to fit a world leader of
islam with messianic claims fitting into anything stated about a
millennium in Revelation 20. I would challenge you to read the actual
biblical passages about the antichrist, and to read the actual biblical
passages about the millennium (there is actually only one). Please just
read these passages and ask yourself what they are talking about. There
is a massive amount of unproductive and even unhealthy speculation about
end times out there. Many people talk about a millenium, the antichrist
and Armageddon all in the same breath as if the Bible connects these. The
Bible does not connect these. There is an entire industry built around
end-time speculation. I do believe that it is fun to ask these
questions. There is nothing harmful in studying out the biblical teaching
about the end times. You do well by asking these questions. However, you
would also do well to treat what you hear in the popular Christian culture
with a great deal of skepticism.

By the way, I have seen all the Star War movies except episode 3. I liked
your illustration from the Sith and the senate. I am not sure it is
relevant to Islam, but it does illustrate how sin can work its way into
our lives.

John Oakes

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