Miracle of Science or Perspective of the observer; Did the sun stand
still? God is a God of order, yet he performs miracles outside of the
natural laws that govern our world.

From a scientific perspective, even a miracle would not allow the sun to
suddenly simply stop in the sky. That would mean that the earth suddenly
stopped spinning. Objects now moving at one thousand miles per hour
(because the earth spins that fast, at least at the equator) would become
1000 mile per hour projectiles if the earth screeched to a hault. I will
be honest with you that I am not sure exactly what the account in Joshua
is a reference to. Perhaps God miraculously allowed time to seem to
stretch way beyond the normal. Perhaps God did indeed gradually slow the
spin of the earth, and later gradually speed it back up. Either way, what
one has in Joshua chapter 10 is a miraculous victory won by God’s people
through the miraculous intervention of God by throwing the enemies into
confusion, causing a huge hail storm to happen and by somehow (but I am
not exactly how to interpret the somewhat vague, non-technical working of
Joshua) slowing down the day so that God’s people could win the victory.

John Oakes, PhD

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