I have enjoyed reading your book ‘Daniel Prophet to the Nations”. I have been confronting some Jehovah Witnesses on the topic of the Coming of the Kingdom of God on earth, and your book on Daniels book , really helped me a lot. thank you very very much.  Do you have any specific material on the coming of the Kingdom, or any other suggestion about it?


Yes, if you go to my web site, specifically to the power point section, you will find a power point on the Kingdom of God, including detailed notes on the Kingdom of God. I deal a bit with the JW idea of the kingdom there. Also, audio for the class on the Kingdom of God are available in the “store” at my web site.

I also suggest the book on the Kingdom of God by:

1. Jim McGuiggan. He is the best. His book on the Kingdom is available if you search in google and perhaps also

2. Tom Jones has a two-book series on the Kingdom of God available through

John Oakes

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