I’m trying to put together a series of Bible Talks or small group
discussions that have to do with evidences for a teen group I lead. Many
of the teens have a hard time proving their faith and being confident
especially when going off to college. I don’t know if you have any group
discussions that could be used or any resources that might be user
friendly for teens. If you could let me know, that’d be great.


I do not have a lot of material geared specifically for teens, but have
done a fair number of group presentations geared to their special needs.
I am attaching one study created to be used as a group study which you
might find useful. It is about the messianic prophecies. Also attached
is a power point I used for a college conference last Spring in San
Antonio (apologetics without apologies, as well as notes) and a
science-and-the-Bible presentation I used for teens.

John Oakes

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