Lately I’ve been thinking about the so-called “swoon” theory: the idea that Jesus survived His crucifixion, which you probably already know. I’ve been looking at what apologists are saying about it and have my own thoughts concerning their claims (the best source for apologetical arguments against the swoon theory I’ve currently come across is this article if you’re interested: The problem I’m currently facing is that apologetical arguments against the swoon theory seem to make debunking the idea all too easy. So I began to wonder: what do actual proponents of the swoon theory say about the apologetical arguments? In short, you are the only source I am aware of that will answer questions as technical as mine so I’m curious if you know of any sources I could examine by swoon theory advocates that attempt to refute the apologetical arguments and you can include your own thoughts as well if you so wish.  Thanks!


I am not aware of anyone who is prepared to defend the swoon theory in an open discussion with its opponents.  The idea of Jesus recovering from death on a cross (which is literally impossible to fake) as well as a clearly-fatal spear-wound to his heart, on top of the scourging, and then his subsequent moving of the massive stone and defeat of the Roman guards is silly, dare I say ridiculous, on its face (my opinion),so no one that I am aware of will defend the theory, except in books and articles which do not lend themselves to open debate.  You will not find what you are looking for, as far as I know.  There is NO quality defense available for the swoon theory.  I may be wrong, but I have been around the block and I have never seen one.  You can safely move on from your investigation of a theory that no serious person will actually publicly defend.
Please be aware that I am only saying that I know of no defenders, but it is possible there is something out there I am not aware of.
John Oakes

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