The Bible doesn’t talk about homosexuality (as to its causes and possible
remedy – if there’s any); it simply declares its indignation against it.
It even speaks of homosexuality as a punishment from God for those who
disobey Him (please refer to Romans – if I understood it right). It is
sometimes heart breaking knowing that those who are in this kind of
situation (I refer to those they labelled as “homosexual”) didnt even made
the choice of being so and yet feel guilty for being such a person. It’s
been part of themselves for as long as they can remember. Are there any
Biblical passages/stories/teachings which deal on this topics? Are there
any historical evidences of “homosexuals” being faithful in obeying GOD
and all HIS precepts? I’m just looking for help. I find no reason for me
not to believe in GOD, but this is one issue that keeps on bothering me.


First of all, you are making at least one incorrect assumption. Nowhere
in the Bible is it suggested that homosexuality is a punishment from God.
God never made anyone homosexual as a punishment for disobedience. To be
honest, this does not even make sense. God would not make us sin as a
punishment for sinning.

As for the practice of homosexuality, there is absolutely no doubt that
the Bible specifically labels homosexual acts as sinful. Romans 1:26-27
is the most obvious example of this. The passage calls homosexuality a
“shameful lust” and “unnatural relations.” Homosexuality is also labeled
as an “indecent act,” and as a “perversion.” Of course, homosexuality is
outlawed in the Old Testament as well. Leviticus 20:13 makes this very

I agree with you that it can be heart breaking for people to be
homosexual. Such a lifestyle sets one up for heartbreak, rejection,
guilt, persecution, deceit (for some) and many other difficulties. Some
of these hardships are brought on homosexuals unfairly by those who choose
to hate them. Obviously, it is totally unacceptable for a believer in
Jesus to persecute or to hate anyone who is homosexual. Having said that,
there is no way to escape the fact that homosexuality is a sin, according
to the Bible. Of course, so is sex before marriage and sex with anyone
else when one is married. These prohibitions are broken far more often
than the prohibition against homosexuality, although they do not get as
much notice in modern culture! Homosexual acts are sin. Anyone who wants
to be a follower of Jesus must repent of such acts. They must cease
having homosexual relations. It is impossible to be a Christian and to
voluntarily remain in a sinful relationship. This is simple biblical
teaching, and I do not apologize for this.

I do not believe that God made anyone homosexual. It is entirely possible
that some people are genetically or due to upbringing more inclined toward
homosexuality. I will not deny that. It is also true that some are
genetically or due to circumstances more inclided toward alcoholism or
anger or violence. All are sins, and God expects us to repent and to
change. I also believe that homosexuality is a choice. It may be true
that some make this choice at a very young age. Many have had homosexual
experiences in their very early teens, but most choose not to take it on
as a lifestyle. God does not make anyone sin. I believe, based on 1
Corinthians 10:13 (and many other passages) that there is no sin we are
tempted to commit that we cannot avoid if we earnestly seek help from
God. I have had good friends who were homosexuals who became Christians.
In some cases, these Christians struggled with feelings for people of the
same sex for years after conversion. It is not sinful to be tempted. The
same applies to singles who are attracted to the opposite sex. In either
case, self-control is the key. I believe it is possible to be a faithful
Christian, but to still feel attraction to the same sex, as long as one is
not giving in to these temptations and commiting sexual acts. God is
gracious. He will help us to overcome our sins and our temptations.
Homosexuality is no different. It is unfair and unbiblical to make
homosexuality somehow a worse sin than any other. It is hypocritical for
followers of Jesus to label homosexuals as evil or any worse than anyone
else. We all have our characteristic sins and we all must struggle with
these sins. Instead, Christians ought to help their friends who struggle
with homosexuality or with such feelings by encouragement, love,
friendship, confession. However, it is not right to tolerate or condone

I appreciate your compassion, and I understand it is hard to deal with our
society’s common position that calling homosexuality a sin is bigoted.
However, I believe it is not bigoted, any more than to label alcoholism or
habitual gambling a sin. We need to love and to have compassion on all
people, and to help them to come to Jesus.

John Oakes

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