Does the Catholic Church have false doctrines?

The answer is yes it does. The Catholic Church teaches a whole raft of
false doctines.

1. The Immaculate Conception (that Mary was born of a virgin birth)

2. Transubstantiation (that the bread and wine actually turn in to the
literal physical body and blood of Jesus when we take the Lord’s Supper)

3. The role of priests. The RC Church teaches that priests act as
intermediaries between believers and God. This is refuted by 1 Tim 2:5, 1
Pet 2:9 and many other passages.

4. The role of the Pope, cardinals, archdeacons, etc…. None of this is
biblical. The Bible specifically prohibits us calling anyone on earth
“father” and that is exactly what the word pope means. (Matt 23:9)

5. Original Sin. Since the days of Augustine, the RC Church has taught
that we are born already accountable for the sin of Adam. (Ezekiel 18 and
hundreds of others to refute this).

6. This false doctrine was created to explain another false doctrine,
which is infant baptism. Infant baptism is not taught or practiced in the
Bible. It makes zero sense, since it is required for salvation that one
repent and put faith in Jesus, which is clearly impossible for an infant.
(Colossians 2:12) (in fact for refutation, if infant baptism is correct,
then faith is not necessary to salvation. If that is true then the entire
New Testament completely falls apart)

7. Purgatory. A place to work off our sins after we die. Hmmm…. Heb

8. Last rites, confession to priests, priesthood, confirmation,
vestments, church calendar, Lent, etc…. None of these are biblical.
Now, a non-biblical thing is only sinful if it is taught as if it were
church doctrine, and this is exactly what the RC church does. (Mark

9. Works salvation. The Catholic Church has taught that one can buy
oneself out of time in purgatory by buying indulgences. Salvation through
baptism of infants who do not even have faith is proof of their belief in
works salvation. Faith is not required for salvation under the RC system.

10. The pope just confirmed that there is no salvation outside the RC
church. This is blatant arrogance and pride. It is also clearly false

11. Worship of idols, saints and the Virgin Mary. We may only worship
God, yet the RC church practices the use of idols, praying to saints,
praying to and through Mary. They teach that Mary was a perpetual virgin,
despite the fact that the Bible lists three of Jesus’ brothers as well as
sisters (plural)

12. There are many more. I could continue for several pages.

John Oakes

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