In the Bible we are told to be a shining light unto the world – to live by
example that others may follow. So, then, why does God not live up to the
example of the rules he insist that we obey such as murder and adultry.
After all, he “took” someone elses wife/betrothed and had a bastard child
out of wedlock. How can I justify following him?


I detect a note of sarcasm here rather than a spirit of honest inquiry.
God is not a physical being. God did not have sex with Mary. God
miraculously formed the child Jesus in the womb of Mary. Joseph accepted
him as his son out of reverence for God. God did not commit adultery or
fornication. There was absolutely nothing sexual about the incarnation.
The charge that God “took” Mary can only come from a person who is
looking for an excuse to find fault with Christianity.

John Oakes, PhD

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