I have been needing some evidence to prove evolution wrong.  Could you help but put it in wording for a thirteen year old to underderstand?                                                                                                                                               
The problem with your request is that there is no evidence which proves evolution wrong.  In fact, the scientific evidence in support of evolution is quite strong.   Perhaps you are assuming that belief in evolution is unbiblical.  I do not agree with this assumption.  The Bible does not discuss evolution.  It describes the fact that God created the universe, that God created the earth and that God created life.  God also created all the different kinds of life.  I, of course, believe this is true.  However, if God chose to create a natural process by which life changes which we call evolution, I do not see how this contradicts what the Bible says.  For myself, I believe that God created life.  I also believe that God has created different kinds of life at different times.  In addition, I believe that God’s guiding hand is behind the process which we call evolution.  I do not believe that evolution has been a completely random, directionless process.  It is God who directs and upholds all things.  However, I do believe that evolution of species does in fact happen.  In fact, the evidence for this is quite strong.  This evidence includes fossils.  The stronger evidence is from genetic data.  I suggest you consider reading a couple of books.  One is "Coming to Peace With Science," by Darrel Falk.  The other is "The Language of God" by Francis Collins.  Both books are written at a level that a smart and inquisitive thirteen year old can probably understand.  If you find these too challenging, then you might even want to get a hold of my book "Is There a God?"  This is available at  There is an even simpler little section on evolution in this book.  Contrary to what you may have heard, even from some sincere Christian people, evolution is not evil.  The theory of evolution is not some sort of evil plot from Satan.  It is unfortunately true that some atheists and non-believers have used the theory of evolution as a tool to try to show that there is not God.  Well, they are certainly wrong about that.  We should not let the atheists hijack the theory of evolution.  Evolution is one of the marvelous inventions of our God.  That is how I see it. 
John Oakes, PhD

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