I’m thinking about how perfectly ordered the whole universe is. It is a
masterpiece and it actually would be logical to think that there is
something or somebody behind it. However it is so hard for me to believe
and to accept that this powerful creator, who created all of this, is the
human-focused God of the Bible. Not that I believe that there is an other
view, interpretation or religion, but I mean why would such a big thing
wants to love human and be so graceful to us? The God of the Bible seems
to search for a relationship with every human being, but seems to be
portrayed so focused on humans. Can you help me with some material on
God’s heart and his purpose with men?

I certainly am not an expert on this subject at all. Essentially you are
asking why God is the way he is. This is a theological question to which
will be hard to give a definite answer. God is what/who he is. At the risk
of sounding flippant, I would say that the reason God loves us is that he
loves us. He just does. I believe this is why God created us, because he
wanted us to love him. Although I cannot give you a solid answer, let me
suggest some scriptures to read as well as a book.

Acts 17:24-28, Jeremiah 29:10-14, 1 John 4:8.

God is love. Why? Because he is.

I would suggest you read, God Came Near by Max Lucado. In the end, what it
comes down to is that the Bible clearly presents God as one who is very
intimately interested in individual people. Either the Bible is the Word
of God, and this description of Him is correct, or the Bible is not the
Word of God, in which case, it has absolutely no authority at all to
describe to you the nature of the Creator of this universe. Sorry if this
is not an exhaustive answer. John Oakes, PhD

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