I was wondering if you had any knowledge of common arguments Hindus raise in opposition to Christianity. A customer of mine is a doctor of pediatric gastroenterology, is a Hindu, and enjoys comparative studies in religion. I have not spoken with him directly about the topic, but I am awaiting the opportunity to speak with him. I have never spoken to a Hindu before and I am not very familiar with any opposition (if there is any), that is commonly raised.   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your apologetics skills are par excellence. Thank you in advance.  


As a rule, Hindus do not try to “prove” their religion.  They tend to be tolerant of other religions, especially when they are not living in India, where the level of tolerance can be less.  They have little if anything to offer in terms of Hindu apologetics.  Most Hindus will try to get you to believe that their religion is pretty much the same as Christianity–but better.  They will try to convince you that Jesus taught what they teach, more or less.  They take the “many paths to the same goal” approach, only asking you to consider that their version of this single truth is older and more comprehensive.  They might even claim that Jesus traveled to India during the period before his ministry.  Another common claim is that the original New Testament mentioned reincarnation, but that the Council of Nicaea removed those passages.  Both of these claims are completely insubstantiated.

My suggestion with a Hindu is to point them directly to Jesus.  My experience is that all Hindus will respect Jesus and you can start there.  I suggest you use the Book of John, followed by Acts and Romans.  Specifically, I would show them the claims of Jesus and the messianic prophecies so that they can see that Jesus truly is unique.   I am attaching some material you can use.  One is on Messianic Prophecies Messianic Prophecies  , another is also on the claims of Jesus  Evidence for Jesus .  Also, there is a study series focusing primarily on Jesus  Jesus Study Guide .  Personally, I would find common ground with the Hindu, but show that Jesus is more than your Hindu friend has come to believe.  He is no mere guru or wise man.  He is what he claims to be, God in the flesh and the only way to God.  

Oh, and I will add an essay on the Christian worldview Christian World View , which contrasts it with the Hindu world view.  I would not start there, but keep it in mind as questions come up.  I am also attaching a power point on world religions, with a section on Hinduism.  World Religions PPT .   You should make yourself familiar with the Hindu worldview, which these two articles will help you to do.  After clearly presenting the real Jesus Christ, you can then show how what he did and taught cannot be accommodated with the Hindu description of the world.  Sorry to give you so much work!

John Oakes

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