Let me answer the question by assuming that I am suggestion how to keep up
your own faith, rather than the faith of others. This is the key to the
problem anyway. I do not have any easy answer to this question, but I do
have a couple of suggestions to offer. First, you need to continually
remind yourself of the thinks you already know are true and the reason you
are confident they are true. Do you believe Jesus was raised from the
dead? Why do you believe that? (read an article at the web site, The
Resurrection of Jesus by clicking on the title). If so, what does that
mean about your life? Do you believe the Bible is inspired by God–that it
is without comparison the greatest book ever written? Why do you believe
this? (I can suggest several articles on this… Messianic Prophecies A
Remarkable Colletion Historical and Archaeological Evidences ). What is
implied about your life if the Bible is definitely from God? Are you saved
and going to heaven? How do you know this? What does this imply about your

The point is that it is easy to forget the basics in the business of every
day life. You have so much reason to be encouraged about your life if you
really think about the things you are totally sure about already, never
mind the things you have not yet figured out.

Another suggestion I have is that you keep a running written list of
questions which really bug you about Christianity, the Bible and so forth.
At first this list will grow, but as you earnestly seek answers to the
questions, the ones which you check off as answered will eventually far
outweigh the ones you still have not answered. This will provide physical,
visual evidence that what you believe is true and reasonable.

Of course, there will still be unresolved questions and issues in your
life. These will never go away. That is life! Paul suggests a proper
attitude to such questions and problems in Philippians 3:15,16. “And if on
some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you.
Only let us live up to what we have already attained.” In other words, do
not ignore the hard questions, but trust that God will make them clear to
you eventually. The main thing is to focus on trusting in and doing the
things you know are true already. I am sure that if you focused in on
doing what you know is right already and trust in those things you know to
be true already, you will have more than enough to do in your life.

John Oakes, PhD

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