How do you proclaim the truth to Atheists? There’s been times where they
just don’t understand that the Bible is the word of God. How would one
talk to atheists, being a good friend, and relating the love of Christ to

I have answered similar questions at the web site. Let me add that it is
probably your life rather than any particular piece of evidence which you
can present which will have the most effect on people?especially on your
family members and close friends.

Let me share a story. Recently, I shared with a student of mine who
claimed to be an agnostic. Through my sharing with him, and through my
life, as well as through encouraging him to read one of my books, Is There
a God? he now says that he is totally convinced in God. There are cases of
people who are open to being convinced by “Christian evidences,” but your
best tool in general is a righteous life lived in the name of Jesus Christ.

John Oakes, PhD

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