I have recently come across this website apparently relating toward prophecy in the Bible ( In the website, there are articles of apparent prophecies in Ruth, Ester as well as other books of the Bible. How should we respond to anyone who may bring these viewpoints up?


I spent some time at this web site.  I am afraid that these folks are creating ideas out of their own heads and searching the Bible selectively to confirm ideas that are definitely not in the text.  This is pure speculation with no grounding in correct biblical interpretation at all.   My response is that no one reading these passages, even if they are fully aware of the Jewish festivals and other Jewish concepts, and even if they have a thorough understanding of the New Testament, would come to the same conclusions as these folks.  This is sheer speculation without good biblical support. 

Unfortunately, some believers are strongly attracted to speculative theories which tickle their fancy (1 Timothy 4:1-4).  Such ideas are not salvation issues, but they can carry our attention away from the important biblical concerns.  My suggestion is to not waste your time at this web site.  For those you know who are convinced of this nonsense, it is hard to know how to give a logical response to such irrational views.  I would probably avoid trying to argue people out of such beliefs, but instead I would suggest you point them toward true biblical Christianity.  I would probably change the subject and focus on repentance and righteousness.  My experience is that focusing of speculative end-time prophecy is often a cover-up for a non-spiritual life.  Your job is to divert their attention away from speculative nonsense and re-direct it toward becoming Christ-like.

John Oakes

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