Would you tell us from a scientific and Christian point of view how old is the earth?


I answer this question in detail in several places at the web site.  You can pick up a copy of my book Is There a God? from which has an entire chapter devoted to this question.  Also, there are a number of articles on the age of the earth at this web site.  Rather than give you a detailed answer here, which would be redundant, I ask you to do some searching in the articles at the web site. 

Let me give you the two sentence version of the answer:

Scientific evidence tells us that the earth is about 4.55 billion years old.

The Bible does not say how old the earth is.  For questions about the natural history of the earth, we are more likely to find an answer by looking at nature, not the Bible.

If you look through the articles at the web site and still are not clear, please feel free to ask us a more specific question.

John Oakes, PhD

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