I am still in doubt about the age of OT descendants. Several hundred years
seem a little hard to swallow. Is there any evidence, or other
interpretation I should consider?

On your question, I do not have an easy answer. One thing I
try to keep separate in my mind is the things I know by faith, but also by
evidence from the things I believe by faith alone. For example I believe
in heaven by faith. Period. On the other hand, I believe that the Bible is
inspired because of massive evidence. In the case of the several-hundred
year life spans in Genesis, I believe these to be true by faith in the
inspiration of the Bible, and specifically in the inspiration of Genesis.
There are many reasons I trust the inspiration of Genesis, some of which
is in my new book! (From Shadow to Reality www.ipibooks.com)

As to a rationalization of such long ages, if one can assume
that the first humans were specially created by God (which is what I
believe) then the idea that the very first humans had a “better” set of
genes allowing them greater health and longer life for the first few
generations is sensible and believable, but one should bear in mind that
this is not supported by any evidence external to the Bible. So I accept
the Genesis account at face value, but I do so based on faith in the
integrity of the Word of God. I have heard various “interpretations” of
the accounts, but most of these amount (in my opinion) to rationalizations
which are not supported by the text. (things such as the meaning of the
word year may be different and other such things which I personally think
are nonsense).

So I am afraid I probably do not have any really new
revelation for you on the subject, but that is my view.

John Oakes

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