I CHALLENGE you to prove to me that GOD and his son are ONE GOD.  This is something you can NEVER do.  Be a man and accept my CHALLENGE.  HOW CAN GOD AND HIS SON BE ONE GOD?


I am sorry, but I get the very strong sense that you simply want to argue and to spread angry words. I have found that people who do this (for example by using all capital letters in e-mails, which means angry emotions, or using rhetoric by challenging my masculinity) are not interested in gentle, calm discussions. Angry arguments are never helpful. I hope that you do not represent your religion, and that most Muslims are kind, humble and patient, because that is a godly, Christian (and Muslim) value.

With that introduction, let me give you at least an introduction to my answer to your question.

First of all, we cannot win our argument by saying that the opponent cannot be right (as you attempt to do above). That is not an argument: that is rhetoric.  So, let us put aside the unproved statements and ask what Jesus claimed and whether the evidence backs up his claims.  I know that in Islam you have already accepted that Jesus is a prophet. Therefore whatever he said must be true. Here are a few of the claims of Jesus (which, according to your religion, must be true):

I and the Father are One (John 10:30) Jesus claimed here to be God.  We know this because the Jews said so and because they picked up stones to stone him.

Before Abraham was born, I AM (John 8:58). Again, the Jews tried to stone him for claiming to be God (Exodus 3:4).

I am in the Father and the Father is in me (John 14:10)

Jesus clearly claimed to be God. He claimed to be in the Father—to be one with God the Father. What is the proof of this? First of all, there is the fact that Jesus is a prophet, as you yourself know. Therefore, if he said he is God, then he is God, because a prophet cannot lie. If, as you say, Jesus is a prophet, then he must be God, because the prophet claimed to be God.  Both the Bible and the Qur’an are absolutely sure that there is just one God.   Christianity cannot possibly support three Gods.  You say that Christians believe in three gods (in a previous e-mail), but that is simply not true.  No Christian believes that there are three Gods.  Therefore, if Jesus is God then he is one with the Father.

There is more evidence still that Jesus is who he claimed to be. When challenged why he had the right to claim to be God, Jesus said that the evidence was the miracles he worked. Right after he said “I and the Father are One”, he said “Believe me when I say this, but if you do not believe, then believe the miracles (John 10:37-38). The miracles that Jesus did prove that his sayings are true and reliable. He raised people from the dead, he healed the sick, he healed the blind and the deaf. He walked on water, turned water to wine and calmed a raging storm. I am sure you know that Jesus worked these miracles. The Qur’an agrees that Jesus worked miracles. These miracles prove that Jesus was a prophet and more than a prophet. They prove that, as he said, he is God. The ultimate proof that Jesus is God is in his resurrection. Muhammad is known for being a great prophet. This is principally because of the great book that he wrote. Muhammad did not work miracles. This is not to disparage Muhammad. One does not need to work miracles to be a prophet. Abraham also did not work miracles, and we both know that he was a prophet. However, because Jesus came as God-in-the-flesh, he came with evidence to support his testimony, which was the amazing miracles he did. Jesus said “I am the bread of life” and he made bread out of thin air. Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life” and he raised Lazarus from the dead (John chapter 11). All the claims of Jesus are proved by his miracles. The only way you can reject that Jesus is God, is to reject his miracles, but we know that he worked miracles. Therefore, it is not logical to reject his deity unless you also reject his miracles, which you cannot do.

Perhaps you think it is not “logical” that God can have two aspects—that God can be both Father and Son. I understand that this does not fit classical human logic, but God does not have to obey human logic. The fact is that Jesus claimed to be God and he did the miracles which prove that his claims are valid. Therefore, based on the evidence, I conclude that Jesus is God.

So, I have done what you asked, and proved that Jesus is who he said he is—God in the flesh.

John Oakes

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