I read recently that Elon Musk said that religion and/or spirituality, has no place in science. What are your thoughts on this?


Believe it or not, I agree that Elon Musk is correct on this question.  Religion involves things like the supernatural, ultimate purpose, meaning, faith.  Science involves things that can be measured and events that are reproducible.  There is rather little overlap between religion and science and, in general, religious thought has nothing to contribute to what scientists do as scientists.  Musk is right that the questions and kind of evidence that religion deals with has no place in discussions about the laws of nature.  There is some overlap between the realms of philosophy of science and the realm of religion.  There is overlap between the history of science and religion.  But there is very little common ground between science and religion. Religion involves belief and faith and science does not involve belief or faith at all.  I know nothing about Musk’s religious views.  For all I know, he may be an atheist and his motivation for saying this might be an anti-religious bias, but even if that is true, I agree with what he is saying here.  I have written a longer essay on the relationship between science and religion.  Here it is. Science and Religion are Not Enemies   Also, here is a power point on the relationship between science and religion that goes into more detail.  Science and Religion

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