Since you believe Jesus fulfilled Zech.6:11-13, do you also believe the body of Christ is the Temple?


I believe that Zechariah 6:11-13 is really more of a messianic foreshadow than a historical messianic prophecy. In other words, it is a picture, in earthly terms of an equivalent future reality in heaven. The vision of the crowning of Joshua the high priest is a picture of the reality of Jesus reigning in the kingdom in the heavenly tabernacle. Jesus did not receive a crown in this world, but his throne is in heaven. For this reason, there is no reason to expect that the body of Jesus would be in the physical earthly temple. Jesus is in the heavenly temple, of which the earthly one is a mere shadow (to paraphrase Hebrews 9:6-11, which explains that Jesus has entered the more perfect tabernacle in heaven, not the earthly one.

John Oakes

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