And another question about Daniel. I’ve calculated the date to 31-32 A.D. and other scholars do that as well, but wasn’t Jesus born like 6 or 7 B.C ? If he only lived 33 years, that would make him riding into Jerusalem at 27 A.D. Isn’t that date incorrect then? Answer:  

You need to get a copy of my book on Daniel.  This will remedy all these questions and more.  Please go to and order a copy.  Your calculation is slightly off because there was no zero BC.  The date is AD 33.  However, if you read the prophecy carefully, Jesus comes to Jerusalem during the last week.  This means somewhere between AD 26-33.  Jesus probably died in AD 30 or 29.  There is no evidence to support the assumption that Jesus was 33 when he died.  This is tradition, plain and simple.  We are pretty sure that he was at least thirty when he died from the scripture, but we do not know his exact age.  Tradition is not a good guide to such things.  The best guess is that Jesus was 30 + 6 -1 = 35 when he died, but this is plus or minus a year or two.

John Oakes

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