In Mark 13:32 Jesus(as man) did not know the hour o his return 2000 years ago, BUT did Jesus (as alleged god) know the hour 2000 years ago?

Jesus was not an “alleged” God. Jesus was God in the flesh, as John tells us in John 1:1 and John 1:18.  While in the earthly body, Jesus chose to be limited in his God-nature.  This was his choice.  So, while he was in the body, he chose to allow himself to be unaware of what he obviously would know as the Son of God in heaven.  He willingly limited his power as God and his knowledge as God.   Exactly how this worked is a mystery.  So, my answer is that in his state of mind as recorded in Mark 13:32, as both God and man, Jesus literally was mentally unaware of the exact time of his return.  Otherwise he would not have said this.  Now that Jesus has ascended and is back at the “right hand” of God in heaven–now that he is no longer in human form–I am sure that if you could ask him, he would know when he is coming back.

John Oakes

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