Do you believe conviction is a part of salvation? Why?


I am afraid I cannot give you a yes or no answer to your question, because I am not sure how the answer will be used. The reason for this is that "conviction" is not really a biblical word. Even if it is, it is never specifically mentioned as a requirement for salvation in the Bible. The Bible says that we must confess Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:9). Does this mean that a person must have "conviction" that he is Lord to be saved? I suppose we could argue the answer is yes. But I prefer to use Bible words rather than to add extra definition using words not found in the context of salvation in the scripture.

The Bible also says that one must repent before being baptized, in order to be saved (Acts 2:38, for example). If one must repent of one’s sins in order to be saved, does this mean that one must have conviction about sin in order to be saved? I suppose we could say yes to this, but, again, I prefer to not add to the scriptures. Since the Bible never says, literally, that one must have "conviction" in order to be saved, I would strongly prefer not to add this to the list of "requirements" for salvation. If it is impled in the other words, that is fine, but I feel strongly that we should just leave it at that.

So, the things which are "necessary", biblically, for salvation are:

1. The blood of Jesus, obviously!!!!

On our part:

2. Belief in the gospel, repentance from sin, confession of Lordship of Jesus, baptism in to Christ.

I can see no benefit from adding to this list, unless someone can show me biblical warrant. Is "conviction" implied? I suppose that it is, but let us keep it simple and keep it biblical.

John Oakes

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