I’ve been reading your book on Daniel [editor’s note: Daniel Prophet to the Nations]  with considerable interest and coming across your note on 11v37 regarding “the one desired by women” wanted to put a consideration that this might refer to the fact that the Roman Emperors (mere men “the one desired by women”) wanted to be considered gods and would wish to exalt themselves as figures of worship.

Interested to know your thoughts


I agree with you. In fact, what you are saying here is similar to what I say on p. 205-206 of my book. as I mention that the Roman emperors after Augustus were worshiped as gods. Exactly why he calls them “The one desired by women” is a bit of a mystery to me, but I agree with your interpretation. Daniel 11:36-45 is a prophecy of the destruction of the final Greek dynasty–the Ptolemies and a judgment of Rome as well.

John Oakes

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