Is it true that parts of Noah’s ark where found in Turkey?


The simple answer is no.  Many have looked all over the region of Mt. Ararat and a number of expeditions have been made to the top of Ararat.  A number of people have claimed to have found the ark or evidence of the ark.  All of these have proved to be unreliable.  Some are trying to build a reputation or are deceitful.  Others are perhaps guided by wishful thinking.  I believe it is extremely unlikely that we will ever discover a remnant of the ark.  And even if we did, how would we know that it came from the ark?  Does it have "Noah’s ark" stamped into the wood?  Almost certainly the ark did not end up on top of a very high mountain, because the water had already receded a lot before the ark came to rest.  It is reasonable to think that Noah and his family used the wood, but even if they did not, certainly the wood would be rotted by now.  While I appreciate the sincerity of some who search for the ark, I believe their energies would be better used in other areas.  This is a waste of time and money.

John Oakes, PhD


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