I am including links below where you can find interesting if not, shocking facts about the true name of the God of Abraham, Moses and David. I want to know your opinion about this.


I spent a good amount of time at these web sites.  To a person who is not well versed in the biblical background to the question of the name of God, I can see that this could be very convincing.  It sounds very scholarly and very "spiritual."  However, the authors at this web site are completely off base in their claim that the original and only acceptable name for the Messiah is yaohushua.  The author implies that there is some sort of mystical power in the act of pronouncing a particular Hebrew word.  There is no biblical support for this contention.  The Hebrew name for Jesus was Jeshua or Joshua.  It was not yaohushua.  There is no evidence, manuscript or otherwise that this was ever the name for Jesus.

 Again, the author sounds very spiritual and educated when he condemns the use of the names Adonai for God because it supposedly comes from the Phoenecian/Greek god Adonis.   I am extremely doubtful that the use of the word Adonai by the Jews comes from the Phoenecians.  Even if it did, the word meant lord.  The Jews used existing names for God, which was only natural.  For us to call Jesus "Lord" is not to commit an idolatrous act, no matter what the etymology of the word lord is.  This is false reasoning.  Besides, the author can say what he wants, but the word Adonai is used throughout the Old Testament.  Unless he wants to claim that the Old Testament was changed later, then this is clearly a word used by the inspired writers of the Old Testament as a name for God.  This author offers absolulety no evidence whatsoever to support his contention that the inspired word of God was changed.

This author also says that it is wrong–in fact that it is the work of Satan to use the word Jesus for the Messiah, claiming that this is just a Greek word never used as a name of Jesus while he was alive.  The problem with this is that the early Christians–including those who knew Jesus himself used the Greek transliteration Jesus when referring to the Messiah.

To summarize, this author makes himself appear to have deep and important insight into the true name of God, but these articles are sheer nonsense and should be completely ignored.

John Oakes

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