When you study the Bible with people to help them to become a Christian, is there a particular series of studies that you use?  Could you share this with me?


I do a variety of things, but the thing I do most commonly is what we developed by a group of teachers, including myself, here in San Diego.  We call it the Gospel Study Guide.   It is also fondly known as the Jesus Series.   I am attaching it.   I prefer the Jesus Study Series for three reasons:

1. First and foremost, because it focuses in on Jesus beginning, middle and end.

2. Second, because it places the call to discipleship after one has met Jesus learned about the cross and been called to an initial repentance.

3. Because it is simpler and shorter than other study series I have seen.   We suggest people use supplemental studies as needed (a Word study, a Seeking God study, a Church study…. if the individual needs more help), but want to have as basic a series as possible.

Here are the studies:  Gospel Study Guide

Actually, here is an expanded version with some supplemental material: Complete Study Guide

Hope this helps, and please distribute these studies as widely as you can or want to.

John Oakes





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