Is there evidence for the Red Sea crossing by the Jews under Moses?


The answer is no.  No physical evidence has been found to support the story in Exodus of the crossing of the Red Sea.  But this is only what we would expect.  What could we possibly find that would prove a group of people crossing the Red Sea three thousand four hundred years ago?  It is not reasonable to expect to find physical evidence of this crossing. What would be left behind?

Unfortunately an irresponsible author by the name of Ron Wyatt published bogus evidence in 1978 which he claimed came from this crossing.  There is a famous picture of what he claimed was a chariot wheel under the Red Sea.  His disreputable claim has been debunked.  Wyatt is infamous for making several such bogus claims, including one about finding Noah’s ark. Please do not give in to the temptation to use Wyatt’s claim of those who have, unfortunately, passed it along.

By the way, there is very solid evidence for the Red Sea crossing.  It is the book of Exodus.  There is plenty of evidence for the general reliability of the Old Testament for historical events of the Jewish people.  Given the evidence for the historical reliability of the Bible, I would claim that the fact it is mentioned in Exodus is good evidence that it actually happened.  However, I would not use this as evidence to a non-believer who has not been exposed to the reliability of the Bible.

Here is a power point with quite a bit of archaeology supporting the historical accuracy of the Bible.  History, Archaeology and the Bible  History Archaeology and the Bible Notes    I also have a book with a good amount of material on this topic.  Reasons For Belief (available at

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