Request: (from a Christian in Dhaka, Bangaladesh)

I need help, I am faceing few questionss from Muslims about Bible. I think
you know all the commen questions that Muslims made about Bible, such as;
the Bible is not scientificaly proved, there are problems in genesis,
Jesus did not die on the cross…etc.
So do you have any studies that as a diciples that we can learn and face
these questionss with good answers. As we face Muslims in this country at
every breath. So please help me to get some studies regarding that or do
you have any advice for us, please convey that.


Yes, I definitely remember talking while in Bangalore. I was very
impressed with your faith.

I can suggest a few things. YOu can read an outline on the Qur’an and
inspiration which I wrote that you might find helpful. I am also have a
power point on Islam which you can find at the web site (this is a big

I am willing to address specific questions one at a time, so perhaps you
can do that–send me specific questions or perhaps two questions and I can
provide specific answers. To some extent your question is too broad to
give particular answers.

Typically, Muslims attach the Bible on several fronts. ALL of these are
completely bogus, but your job is to get caught up on these things. The
arguments I have seen are:

1. Muhammad is the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18, John 14:15 f and
others. This is dealt with in the power point presentation. These
are very bad false interpretations of the passages in question which only
work if a person does not understand the context of the passages.

2. The Bible is corrupt, you cannot trust the New Testament. Jesus did
not die on the cross. This is dealt with in my book Reasons for
Belief ( There is also material at my web site on the
reliability of the Bible which completely refutes the claim that the Bible
was corrupted. You can find several articles on the reliability of the
Bible if you search the web site.

3. The Bible is full of contradictions, therefore you cannot trust it
(which they contradict when they use Deuteronomy 18 and John 14 to support
Muhammad, but never mind that….) These need to be take one at a
time. I address some of that in the article attached. In my book Reasons
for Belief I address this issue. Also, at my web site, there is a whole
section in the questions and answers section on supposed contradictions in
the Bible. Unfortunately, we need to deal with these questions one at a
time with great patience.

4. The Qur’an is perfect, which is refuted by the blatant scientific and
factual errors in the Qur’an, as mentioned both in the power point and the
article I attached.

Now, this is all pretty vague and if you have any specific questions, do
not hesitate to send them my way.

John Oakes, PhD

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