Power Point Presentations for a class by Glenn Giles of Denver, Colorado on Apologetics, Biblical Criticism and Inspiration.  Class was taught in San Diego Dec 11-12 2009.    ppt Class 1 History of Biblical Criticism 170.00 Kb  ppt Class 2 The Issue of History 146.50 Kb   ppt Class 3 OT Textual Criticism 15.06 Mb   ppt Class 4 NT Textual Criticism 137.50 Kb   ppt Class 5 The OT Documentary Hypothesis 470.00 Kb   ppt Class 6 NT Source Criticism 355.00 Kb   ppt Class 7 Form Criticism 131.50 Kb   ppt Class 8 Redaction Criticism 104.00 Kb   ppt Class 9 Tradition Criticism 100.00 Kb   ppt Class 10 The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism 149.00 Kb   ppt Class 11 The Jesus Seminar 752.50 Kb

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