Dr. Richard Knopp from Lincoln Christian University gave the keynote address for the 2015 ICEC at York College, in York, Nebraska.  The presentation was on the history of and advice about the wisest approach to using the concept of world view to both increase the faith of believers and to take faith in Jesus Christ to an unbelieving world.  He suggested that we should do a comparative “ism” study, showing that Christian theism is the best of the “isms” but that we should do more than that.  We should relate the effect of world view on culture and history and every area of human endeavor.  We should focus on the head (the traditional approach) but also the effect of world view on the heart and on the actions of those who believe in these world views.  It was an amazing presentation and really kicked off the conference brilliantly.  I am attaching the outline used.  The audio of the class, along with the entire conference, will be available in about a week at www.ipibooks.com.   Rethinking Worldview

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