Since both of Moses’ parents were Levites, why was Moses also called a Hebrew?


This is a fairly easy question.  Both statements about Moses are true because the Levites were Hebrews.  The Jews had twelve tribes, or actually thirteen of them if you count both Menasseh and Ephriam, the two “half-tribes.”  The Levites were one of those tribes.  They were the tribe who ministered at the tabernacle and later at the temple. Jews are also known as Hebrews, and their language in ancient times is known as Hebrew.  Therefore all who are Levites are Hebrews.  These are not a contradiction.  As an analogy, I am a Californian.  I am also an American.  This is not a contradiction.  All Californians are Americans (but not all Americans are Californians).

John Oakes

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