The Bible never mentions Muhammad, but in the Qur’an it talks about
Jesus. Why is that?


The answer is quite simple. Muhammad began his ministry in the year AD
612. This was over five hundred years after the New Testament was
completed. There is no reason to expect the Bible to talk about Muhammad.
In fact, even if Muhammad had lived before the Bible was complete, there
is no reason for the Bible to mention him. The Bible does not mention
Buddha or Confucius. These men are not relevant to Christianity. Neither
is Muhammad. Muhammad is a false prophet who does not deserve time in the

It is true that the Qur?an does mention Jesus, but it gets the facts about
Jesus very wrong. It has him doing strange miracles which he almost
certainly did not do. The knowledge of Jesus contained in the Qur?an
appears to be from some of the Gnostic, apocryphal books. The Qur?an
denies that Jesus was crucified, which is a blatant error of history.

John Oakes, PhD

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